Tamam, to be larger than life

Posted on 2009/02/24


I know, I know, this is neither a post in swedish or a post about Pirate Ideology (i promise, i will post an english post about that sometime soon). This is a post to boost an organisation I think is doing a spectacular job, even if I only first heard about them today!

The organisation in question is Tamam. Tamam means ”very good” or ”generous” in arabic, macedonian and turkish. They started their work in May of 2008  when they broke out of IM (Individuell Människohjälp in Swedish, Individual Human Aid in English). The break was not the usual kind of break, it was a peaceful one. They broke off because they wanted to create more commotion in the national debate and also expand their aid internationally.

But what they do, and their general message is what hit me the hardest. They want to help kids, and others, to help themselves. They started with their original IM-task, to help recently immigrated kids become more integrated in swedish society. By helping them learning swedish, by taking them to sport activites, by being around them, by talking to their parents and by just showing them that they actually can live in the country they came to when they fled from whereever they came from. To come from a different country after being persecuted or followed, and be sent off without any help into ”immigrant areas” is not an acceeptable situation. So what Tamam is doing is amazing.

But they don’t stop there. They talk to politicians and other organisations to optimize their efforts. And they are only 20 actives in Lund. 6 in Stockholm.

They also have an international agenda. To help kids be kids. In Paraguay they are cooporating with a local foundation that acts like a day centre for kids at the food market in Asunción. In Mexio they are  helping the village Pedernales who are facing massive unemployment due to NAFTA, the local sugar plant will probably close down and Tamam are starting to give the villagers alternative ways of making a living. In Albania they are helping kids in a town outside of Tirana where they give psychosocial service to kids that have experienced severe trauma. They also have a project in Kyrgyztan starting this summer.

All this in a mere 9 months! For all you Swedish readers, I have written about how we need to rebuild our current government and intellectual property right laws, not destroy or hinder the current system. This is what Tamam are doing. With a positivt view on life they are reshaping the future of kids all over the world through respect, patience and most of all active and engaged individuals who know that they can make a difference if they only try. People who are, in fact, larger than life.

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